Sharali Varisai Reference for Students of Trichur Brothers Online School of Music

Sharali Varisais (Excercises) are the first lessons taught to the Student of Carnatic Music after he/she is accustomed to Shruthi by Singing Sa Pa Sa.

This is rendered in the Ragam Mayamalavagoula, which is the 15th Raga in the 72 Ragas Melakartha System developed by Shri Venkitamakhi.

The Sharali Varisais are Sung in Adi Thalam (8 beats) and is an impeccable exercise to tune the Vocal Chords to the Swarasthanas. In other words to achieve Swarasthana Shuddham .

Each Varishai is followed with Akaram. All our Gurus maintain that Singing Akaram is a must and the best way to open up the Voice.

We are making this video available for all.

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