Ragnarok Online Music Concert 2016 | Part 1

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Concert Opening Song : Purity of your smile (theme of Amatsu)

Hi guys ,this part is mostly about RO Mobile. (them speeech…)
If you’re quite interested on RO Mobile game, you may watch this part;
IF you’re just want to listen to the music, please skip to Part 2..


Ragnarok Original Music produced by : ESTi
Music produced by : TaQ
Music perfomanced by : gaQdan (orchestra)
Singer : THE SxPLAY , 阿力普,ATF

Game title : Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Guardians of Love (RO 仙境传说:守护永恒的爱)
RO Mobile Publisher : Xindong 心动网络

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Original RO copyright @ Gravity
Original source :

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