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This graduate-level course will help you gain a deep understanding of the role of data in the business of music, balancing theoretical concepts, illustrative case studies, and practical application. When used correctly, data about artists and music serve as invaluable tools, allowing companies to measure performance accurately and understand the current market, informing decisions with real facts and figures, and providing insight into how existing processes may be made more efficient. Berklee Online instructor Liv Buli teaches you how to implement a data strategy, including its benefits and risks, and gauge how difficult it can be to obtain accurate data. You will apply data analysis, extract data, and perform queries, and you’ll also learn to represent data visually in ways that help with communication and understanding.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
Select the appropriate methods, fundamentals, environments, and occasions to apply data analysis
Write SQL (Structured Query Language) and Excel formulas in order to extract and analyze data
Determine which types of questions it is possible to ask of the data available
Apply data to the business of music from album releases to promotional strategies and touring
Analyze statistical concepts
Assess any available data set, its source, and suggested application
Visually represent and communicate data

About Liv Buli:
Liv Buli is a data journalist and author living in Olive, New York. Previously a senior music data journalist with Pandora Media and Next Big Sound, Buli has spent most of her career working at the intersection of storytelling, data science, and visualization, thinking about how best to tell stories with data and speaking at conferences around the world. She is also the author of Penelope Pie’s Pizza Party, the first book in the Vizkidz series: a collection of books that teach the fundamental concepts of data visualization and analysis to children.

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