Activo CT10 Digital Audio Player Review – Sega Saturn Edition

I needed a new Digital Audio Player (DAP) so imported an Activo CT10 from Japan – here’s a review.
A few of the Sega Saturn themed versions *might* still be available on Amazon Japan – here’s a non-affiliated link:

If you can live without a Sega case you can buy a CT10 locally from Amazon via the following Affiliated links:

Or you could always skip it and pre-order a Limited Edition Sony 40th Anniversary Digital Audio Player Walkman from one of these Amazon Affiliated Links instead:
US: No listing yet
CA: No listing yet

Retro Sega 16GB MicroSD cards – Amazon Japan (Not affiliated)

Music downloaded through a WiFi App automatically gets stored on the built in memory on the device – and as that’s just 16GB, this is a limitation. However in the Apple Music app you can choose to have the music download to the SD card instead. So as long as your app has similar capabilities you should be OK. Here’s a link to the page listing the validated apps.



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